Department of Panchakarma

About Panchakarma


The Department offers teaching and training modules of general medicine, panchakarma,Ayurvedic psychiatry, and geriatrics. The Department has models of panchakarma, charts and specimens. The Department is conducting special O.P. of hridayaroga, prameha and manasika. Paralyze, Rhumatoid arthritis, Muscular Dystrophy patients successfully treated by Panchakarama. TheroxVasantik, VamanKriya camps successfully organized for Asthmatic patients and Ch. Rhinitis.


  • To educate the students with five fold bio-purificatory methods of Ayurveda and other minor procedure.
  • Orientation of students in theory as well as practical demonstration to student.
  • To conduct research projects through PG students to find out efficient treatments for the diseases.

Salient Features of Department

  • Well qualified staff with eminent experience
  • Adequate study material in the form of models, specimens, charts, departmental library books is available for the students
  • Well established department with separate cabins for Professor, Reader, Lecturer, Tutorial room, Departmental library.
  • Regular OPD
  • PG courses.
  • Seperate IPD section for Panchakarma.