Department of Prasooti & Striroga

About Prasooti & Striroga


This Department has teaching and training modules of Obstetrics and Gynecology. Thrust is given on the traditional Ayurvedic methods in the management of gynecological as well as obstetrics conditions. All types of yoniayupads are treated with traditional Ayu. Methods like uttarbkashi, yonupichu, yonidhavan etc. and for normal delivery with mitrabasti, infertility will be treated with Phalagratauttarbasti and same oral medicine.

Course Outcomes: UG

  • Explain pregnancy with assessment of gestational period, fetal positions, abnormalities and Garbha Samskaras.
  • Know PCPNDT ACT, MTP ACT & other legal aspects.
  • Diagnose and treat all diseases of Stree roga and Prasuti Tantra according to Ayurvedic and modern principles.
  • Apply the knowledge of various local treatment procedures like uttarbasti, yonidhavan, yonidhupan.
  • Assess and plan for Ayurvedic treatment in infertility.