Department of Shalakya Tantra

About Shalakya Tantra


The Department offers teaching and training modules in Ophthalmology, oto-rhino laryngology and dentistry. The department has modern clinical investigation tools to like ophthalmoscopy, laryngoscopy, toscopy and provisions for visual acuity and dark room attached for refraction studies. Clinical training is regular. The Department has a collection of charts, models. The department has a research work on Chronic Suppurative Otitis Media (Poothikarna) in progress.

Ophthalmic departments has well equipped O.P.D. with slif lamp, A-scalp, Keratometer and anterior meter and O.T. with ophthalmic operating microscope and Dy-chalazion done on regular intervals.

Also Ayurvedicnetrakapis as Netratarpan/Bidalak/Anjan and prisheketc given to specific patients of high myopia/retinopathies and allergic eye disorders as sphring catarrh.

Course Outcomes: UG

  • Explain basic principles of Urdhvjatrugat Vyadhis
  • Perform examination of Urdhvjatru, diagnose and manage common diseases by applying various concepts of treatment.
  • Prepare and use kriyakalpas in the treatment of various ophthalmic disorders.
  • Compute refractive errors and suggest appropriate rectification.
  • Apply various preventive and curative procedures in Urdhvajatrugat Vyadhis.