Department of Sharir Rachana

About Sharir Rachana


The subject of Rachana sharir is one among the basic subjects in the curriculum of BAMS Under graduation (First year). This subject helps us to understand the study of normal body structures as stated in ayurvedic samhitas as well as modern science. Complete dissection of cadaver in a systematic manner forms the major part of the practicals.

The total area occupied by the department. It has separate areas for Faculty Cabins, Departmental library, Museum, Demonstration hall, Dissection hall, Cadaver storage room.


  • To educate the students of UG and PG courses with the help of human cadaver dissection.
  • To deliver the knowledge regarding structural details of human body by theory and practicals.
  • To make the students well oriented with the applied and clinical relevant details of human body.

Salient Features of Department

  • Electronic charts of marma
  • Well qualified staff
  • Body donation campaign and embalming procedures
  • Adequate area for dissection hall and museum
  • Ample number of cadavers provided to UG.
  • Well developed and well maintained museum of anatomy
  • Weekly Departmental seminars
  • Adequate study material in the form of models, specimens, charts, departmental library books is available for the students



To enlighten and explore the Ayurvedic concepts of Sharir Rachana in todayʹs modern science era.



To develop Sharir Rachana Department with respect to Embryology, Osteology, Myology, Arthrology, Micro Anatomy and applied aspects of Human Anatomy.

Course Outcomes: UG

  • Recognise and state the normal structures of human body through dissection.
  • Identify histological and micro-anatomical structures.
  • Explain Garbha Sharira with respect to the pre and post-natal developmental changes.
  • Mark surface anatomy for surgical procedures and radiological purposes in diagnosis of disease.
  • Apply the knowledge of Pramana Sharira and Marma Sharira into their clinical practice of Ayurveda.