Department of Roga Nidana

About Department of Rognidan & Vikrutividnyan


Ayurved is the science of life, which has got an Global recognisation which deals mainly with swasthya i.e. Health of an individual.

Rognidan & V.V. is the subject for 2nd BAMS Students. The subject helps to understand tridoshic balance as when the imbalance occurs it leads to vikara in the body. The subject deals with vyadhi vinischaya that is description of diseases in respect to their cases, pathogenesis, symptoms, prognosis of course, nidan parivarjan which is the first step in the treatment of disease. Understanding various methods of Rog Pareeksha, Rogi Pareeksha, strotas pareeksha is important. How to carry out clinical examinations understanding signs and symptoms of disease comes under the subject.

The Rog Nidan avum Vikruti Vigyan department has total area of 1400 sq.ft. Museum Lab 500 sq.ft. area occupancy.

Salient Features of Department

  • It has separate area for faculty cabin, PG tutorial room, department library museum.
  • Well qualified staff with eminent experience is present.
  • Well furnished students laboratory with all equipment’s, instruments, models, charts, posters & specimen.
  • Institute started with post graduation programe with in the subject in the year 2010. Intake capacity of PG Scholars in subject is 04 per year till date.
  • The Rognidan Evum V.V. department has an well equipped laboratory and conducts the following investigations.
  • Clinical pathology
  • Bio-chemistry
  • Microbiology
  • X-rays
  • The department carries out UG & PG seminars, participates in National/International conferences, does various publications i.e. article, poster, research paper publications.



To give clear and basic knowledge of Ayurveda to UG and PG students and enhance their skills in making Ayurveda Globally.



To make the institute recognized for its excellence by providing basic knowledge of RogNidan & Vikruti Vignyan along with recent clinical & Diagnostic Methodos.


  • To give knowledge regarding Basic Concept of Rog Nidan, Basic concept of Modern pathology.
  • To develop excellent Ayurvedic physician.
  • To carry out activities for propagations of Ayurveda through organizing camps ie. Medical camps, Health checkup camps, investigation Camps etc.
  • To Execute the practice of pareeksha vigyanan
  • To interpret the Disease of Various strotas.
  • To practice the tools of Avayavika paraksha like USG, X-ray, ECG etc.
  • To demonstrate upasargajanya vyadhi (Communicable disease)
  • To perform bedside physical Examination & History taking by regullary observation of the Demonstrations and its practice on patients.
  • To understand various steps involved in performing Laboratory Investigation.
  • To Conduct visits to various Institutes to upgrade students knowledge ie. to ART Centres, Isolation Centres, Serum Institute, Blood Bank, Various Laboratories, Cancer Centres etc.